Welcome…come on in!

Hi! I’m Megan, Meg to my friends.

I'm a nutritional therapist, fitness trainer, running coach and Zumba reject! A dark chocolate, yoga and Richard Gere enthusiast. I love good company, good conversation and good coffee! I’ve been skipping (and sometimes stumbling) happily (and sometimes not so happily) along the hills and valleys of my own journey to wellness for as long as I can recall! 

I’m so glad you came by. I know we’ve only just met, but I want you to know that I’m dedicated to helping you end the war with food and your body.

Trust me when I say that I know that sometimes, just being in your body can feel like tricky business.

I know what it's like to feel frustrated and tired with the endless search for the perfect diet.

{Spoiler Alert: There IS no perfect diet!}

I’m here to empower you to build a rewarding relationship with food, exercise and your body so that you can achieve lasting, brilliant health and live your life as your most energetic and confident self.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

Yep, that's me! 

(but please, don't get sucked in by the before and after...you gotta read on!)

It’s a typical story, really. Growing up I was always A Big Kid. A combination of genetics and a less than excited attitude to physical activity as a kid (I was a fabulous colour-in-erer, a great little helper in the kitchen and the socialising queen…but outdoors I would be more excited by what shapes clouds took than really working up a sweat, y’know?!)

Adulthood rolled around and I was still very normal. Still a very good colour-in-erer (to the point where I was now qualified with an art teaching degree) Still very social and, yep, still pretty impressed by what the clouds manage to do with themselves!

I had little knowledge about basic nutrition and was still fairly foreign to the idea of moving my body beyond a nightclub dance floor! But now, I was less happy with myself. I knew how to smile, but I wasn’t really good at meaning it. I was fiercely aware that I had a big body and my self-esteem controlled everything I did and didn't do!

I thought that losing weight was the key to the good life but I was lost and confused and had NO IDEA where to start.

I did the cabbage soup thing. The lemon-detox. I did Low-Carb and I did Low-Fat. I tried the replacement shakes. I took the appetite suppressants. I recruited friends to come to meetings and weigh-ins with me and I tried going it alone.

I. did. it. all

It would work, a little, and then for whatever reason – I’d stop. I’d put the weight (plus more) back on, get depressed and return to the Sunday night diet confessional with the promise of starting again tomorrow. 

sound familiar?!

I was forcing myself out of bed at ten to five in the morning to exercise when the gym was nearly empty (because I was embarrassed about my body) when eventually I found myself talking with a group of lovely women who all got up early to workout at the same time as me, before work. In a short time I had some nice girlfriends there and to see them, I’d conveniently have to go to the gym. Half an hour of exercise (and socialising) became a part of my regular routine and results slowly poked their head up.

{Second spoiler alert: when you’ve got the right environment and support, you’re halfway there!}

I made some changes to my eating, based on actual nutritional knowledge and did 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. It seemed like overnight, some weight was gone.

As my weight continued to drop, my fitness and confidence began to increase.  

Life felt like it became easier and I felt light. In my head, in my heart and, yes, in my body!

But here’s where my story gets a little bumpy...

Fitness and exercise became a hobby and I had this real thirst for learning about food. I had learned to cook for myself and figure out how to substitute with ingredients that would leave me feeling better.I began to worship social media health and fitness gurus. I took on the ‘clean eating’ lifestyle...

...and I ran with it. I ran with it real hard and real fast.

Then I crashed. And burned.

After dropping nearly 50kgs, The Universe presented me with lots of change (because, well, that’s what it does, right?!) I returned from a very eye – opening and humbling experience teaching at a school and orphanage in India, I had changed cities and moved in with an incredibly funny, supportive, generous man and we were in, like, a real relationship! My friendships were shifting and changing dynamics as we all settled into adulthood, which presented its own set of issues and I was also trying, without much success, to find steady hard work as a teacher in my new home town. Then I decided to study again and become a Personal Trainer.

Life looked busy and fun but in the background I had steadily developed an intense obsession with food. I thought meticulously about everything I was eating, and everything I wasn’t. I was terrified of putting my weight back on. 

I was training for hours a day in the gym, but not feeling any stronger. I compared my plate to everyone else around me. I took hours to make decisions about what to eat and and I even lost my temper if I couldn’t choose. I wrote myself daily menus and training routines that were unbreakable and non negotiable. 

Visiting my parents for the weekend meant food was packed and taken with me. I couldn’t really bring myself to eat food prepared by anyone else. I didn’t know what was in it. If I did eat it, I’d only panic about it and vow to make up for it the next day with a cleaner diet or a longer session. 

I couldn’t understand my thoughts or behaviour and, eventually, I cracked under the pressure. I was weak and tired and my body was breaking down. I was Moody and numb. I remember finally snapping at my Mum's house one evening, sobbing about how I couldn’t handle it anymore and why the noise in my head about food would.just.not.go.away.

Orthorexia Nervosa.

Very often, Orthorexia starts out as an innocent attempt to eat healthier, or ‘cleaner’ but it changes to a fixation and obsession over food and, in my case, the order and structure of my diet.  I became consumed with what, how and when to eat and lived in fear of any “slip-ups.” You could think about it like a hybrid of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a restrictive patterned Eating Disorder (with similar symptoms to Anorexia Nervosa.) 

Every day was another obligation to eat right, be perfect and punish myself if temptation won. My self worth and relationship with my body were now founded on having a perfect diet.

My food choices become so repetitive, and my day to day diet had no variety. I would cut out food groups in their entirety, and try whatever the-newest-and-best-thing-for-a-woman’s-health was that I was reading about at the time.

Before I knew it, I was back on the crash diet bandwagon…and you know what?

I ACTUALLY didn't lose any weight!

But, oh man, did my physical health suffer. My hormones were going haywire, my skin was unpredictable, my sex-drive was at an all time low and my personality was about as enticing as the cabbage soup diet! My hair fell out and if I wasn’t asleep on the couch at 7pm, I was up all night with freezing cold hands and feet, the shakes or pins and needles.

And, perhaps worst of all, my obsession with perfectly controlled dieting crowded me out of a normal social life and real relationships. My ability to carry on normal conversations with almost anyone else was hindered by intrusive thoughts of food.  I wasn’t present at all.  That social butterfly had gone right back into her cocoon. The meaning of my life was linked only to my body, and I felt trapped.

I realised that to heal my relationship with myself, I'd have to go back to what I knew made me feel alive and energetic in the first place. I had to take control again and put my mind to positive use. 

I got help for my mental health and finally picked up my books to finish my studies in exercise and personal training. That eventually steered me toward nutritional therapy and life coaching. I began researching and studying eating psychology. I fed myself back to freedom with meditation, yoga and good old fashioned talking to people about my feelings! 

A few years later, still always exploring the world of health and wellness, I am now happily living with energy, confidence and peace in a body that I love and now know how to look after! 

And now my lessons, insights and tools are my gift to you.

I know what it’s like to be told by GP’s, personal trainers and even friends that losing weight should be your top priority...

I know how frustrating it is to hear about a new diet or program every week and get confused with what you should be eating to look and feel great...

I know how hard it is to be doing it all and not feeling any better... 


I can tell you for sure that one of the most important tools in your health kit is to have someone that you trust. Someone to listen to your questions, support you with honest and personalised advice and keep you accountable to loving yourself first.

Through my experiences, training and expertise:

I can support you to listen to your body and respond to it's wisdom.

I can show you how lose the diet mentality without losing your mind.

I can teach you how to eat mindfully and intuitively without freaking out about if you're eating the right or the wrong foods.

...and I can show you that living a happy, healthy life is not as hard as it's made out to be! 

You were born for far greater things than obsessing about your body

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with food and body,

If you’re skipping, or perhaps even stumbling, your way through your own wellness journey,

and if you're ready to try a whole new approach to living a healthy life

I want to hear from YOU!

Head over to my work with me page and let’s get started!