Yep...I'm still learning, too!

I have to say that I feel like I don’t even know where to start writing this post! But I will say that I'm sitting down and writing it in a moment of BIG INSPIRATION and it's probably gonna get really honest. So, please, stick it out to the end!

Firstly, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen me post regularly over the last year, advertising offers for my 1 on 1 health coaching sessions, personal or group training, new programs and workshops or events. 

The truth is, when it comes to being a health coach, and helping you with your fitness goals or any food, weight and body concerns I am focused, expert and enthusiastic

But when it comes to working for myself, running a business, using social media to advertise and put a product out there on the market…I AM BRAND NEW!

It's seriously like having my L plates on again!

  I've had so many ideas about programs, products
and presentations, only to get sideswiped by another thought or insight into what YOU, as my readers, clients and followers really WANT and NEED

Which, if you think about it – is very similar to that constant struggle with dieting to lose weight and feel good, right?! Like we try one thing, not knowing if it’s going to work, hear about a new trend and feel like we need to try that too!

So that's why I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT LETTING YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS NEW NEW PROGRAM because I know how it might come off...
“Oh my God, here she goes again…what is she offering now?! Wasn't she just on Facebook going on about something else?! pffft. I can't keep up!”
I know it might seem confusing, even annoying and like I don't know what I'm doing. Please, forgive me! Like I said...there's not too many hours in my Self-Employment Log Book just yet! 

When I did take the leap of faith to start a business of my own this year, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. And so I hired a coach. An awesome woman who is there to guide me and teach me on the ins and outs of building a health coaching business. Of course, she doesn’t do the work for me – she is there to keep me accountable for my actions, give me advice when I need an expert, teach me things I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT and be my rock when I just want to give up
(and Oh My God, how many times I have wanted to give up!)

Among other golden nuggets of wisdom, she has taught me this: ANY action we take toward our goal is better than NO action! Even if it’s not perfect, forward is forward and it's better than standing still! 

(Can you see how much this is JUST LIKE making the choice to transform our relationship with food?!)

Now, recently, I released some advertising on Facebook about my Feed Your Freedom program, starting in November. It was to run for 12 weeks and cost $749. And TO BE DEAD HONEST, something doesn’t feel quite right about it, yet. This last week, I felt like I was getting a really big message, from my own intuition, that the program just isn’t quite ready... THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE YOU NEED MORE!

(Did I also tell you that one of the ways I teach people to heal their relationship with food and body is by listening to their heart and trusting their intuition a bit more?! Hello Megan….ARE YOU LISTENING?!)

After I wrote my eBook, and got so much good feedback from the workshop I hosted, I knew the way to help clients transform their health, body and relationship with food was definitely offering a course and coaching program they could work with me on. 

But here’s the thing. I know that that $750 is a lot of money…and I know that 12 weeks is a lot of time, too! (especially in the lead up to Christmas)

And so yesterday morning, in the shower at the gym, I had this great idea.
(My mother in law tells me that all the best ideas come to you either in the shower or on the toilet, so I knew I was onto something here!)

What if I could offer you something that I know will transform your relationship with food and body and have you feeling better in HALF THE TIME for HALF THE PRICE?!

A 6 week program that is focused on unlocking you from the diet and body prison you’ve been living in.

…Now, I don’t want you to get mad at me, or go into a blind panic here, but did you know that we have around about 8 weeks until the Christmas season is really in full swing?

What if THIS was the Christmas that you could finally feel calm and confident around food and eat what you want without worrying about it, wracking yourself with shame or guilt and feeling terrified of gaining weight?

What if this was the Christmas you could actually enjoy what you eat and not feel out of control around the festive season food?

I PROMISE you that this program can do this for you (and, even though I'm a learner, I know that's a big call to make, especially in business!) 

But, let me get this straight. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT a quick way to lose a size or two before your family all come home and see you for the holidays. It's not a detox or cleanse that will only to leave you starving and anxious at Christmas lunch, feeling lost and frustrated with choosing what to eat, what not to eat and eventually sneaking the goodies from the kids Cadbury stocking while everyone is asleep.

This approach is designed to help you learn about yourself from a much deeper place.
It’s going to teach you to control your thoughts and emotions around food and trust your intuition when you are eating FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. 
Trust me, beautiful, when I say I have done it all before and I KNOW this is the best way to feel better about your self and your body. 
You deserve to feel good, in control and confident NOW. You don’t need to wait for or earn these feelings.
That woman. The one who can trust herself, the one who feels comfortable in her own skin. The genuinely happy, calm and present one. The one who does not hate herself or her body and constantly think about food. She is in there. Let's get her out to play! 

If a shorter, more affordable version of my original program appeals to you then I want you to jump over here and find out more. In the spirit of honesty, I can genuinely open up only about 6 spots for this course,, which will start in November, maybe 8 if I can shuffle around a few other things I work on. so email me the second you decide you want to be free!