Think about the best teacher or coach you ever had when you were young.

Kind. Knowledgeable. Experienced.

Loved what they taught and inspired you with their passion.

Someone to reach out to while they showed you how to reach your potential.

As a coach, I help my clients create positive habits by empowering them to listen to their body and their inner wisdom, and transform their goals into actions. My purpose is to educate and support you to achieve your goals by making positive adjustments to any area of your lifestyle that might be in the way of you feeling your absolute best.

I show you the ropes, keep you accountable and celebrate with when you achieve your goals!

I'm passionate about sharing my experience, training and expertise in all things nutrition, exercise and body image to help light your path to brilliant health and supreme confidence.

Nutritional Therapy & Intuitive EATING

As a discipline, nutritional therapy differs from that of a clinical nutritionist's or dietitian's practice in a number of ways.

I want to help you understand your body, basic and un-biased nutritional information and learn the importance of self care. I can suggest ways for you to experience better health that DO NOT include going on a diet and I can help you explore the psychological factors that may contribute to emotional eating, body obsession and a chaotic relationship with food.

I love working with clients in the field of Mind-Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology to discover how their thoughts and feelings about food and the WAY they eat can affect their digestion, metabolism, absorption and sense of satisfaction.

Watching my clients learn to trust themselves and their body, create their own perfect approach and fall in love with food is the most beautiful process.

Find out more about my unique curriculum and programs and see what other women are saying about their experience with my style of nutritional therapy and coaching!