Group Fitness, Personal Training

& Run Coaching


Have you wanted to give running a go, but been held back by it just not "feeling right?"

Want to learn to run in a way that feels good for your body AND in your mind? 

Want to meet and connect with other women just like you? 

Need a goal or an event to keep you motivated and inspired?! 

Why not join our Sole Sisters team, and train with us during 2019!

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This group training program is designed to help you fall in love with getting up on your feet, and guide you toward consistent, steady running (ie: running for a certain distance without stopping...or feeling like you're going to pass out!) 

Don't worry if you are a total beginner, or have only ever imagined running before! I'm here to show you that it can be enjoyable and achievable for everybody, regardless of experience, age, size, shape or ability. 

You are not expected to run the same distance or speed as everyone in the team! My coaching style will show you how to build a strategy to running that feels just right for you! Anyone can join this team and I’m here to ensure your relationship to the road is steady, safe, gentle and fun! 


  • strengthen your body for easy, feel-good running (from knees, to ankles, to chest and pelvic floor, we've got it covered!)

  • build distance and learn to run for longer without stopping

  • conquer the voice in your head that says "I can't run!”

  • understand the running basics (techniques for effective posture, breathing and style) and start to build on things like distance, pace, and terrain.

  • learn my best running hacks (insider tips to make every run easier!)

  • master good nutrition, specifically for running!


  • would like to build up to running in a way that feels comfortable and minimises the occurrence of injury.

  • would like to learn ways to make your running easier on your body and more enjoyable for yourself!

  • wants to meet likeminded women in a friendly, non judgey environment.

  • wants to enter local fun runs, or support your teammates that do!


  • want to dramatically increase speed or run for a competitive edge (competitions can be great - but we're just going to be focusing on running for fun this time!)

  • want to use 2019 to focus on long distance running (ie - marathons or ultramarathons. We’ll be focusing on 5/10/15km distances and half marathons for anyone already regularly running!)

So, how does it all work? Here’s the FAQ!

Can I join if I don’t live on the Central Coast? 

Yes, of course! No matter where you are, you’ll be made to feel like part of the team. You’ll receive all the session info each week so you can run from where you live! You can join us for the events and one Sunday a month, there is the option to meet up for a social run. These will probably change locations anywhere from the Newcastle to Sydney area. we might be able to visit you!

Can I join if I can’t run? 

Well, firstly, you totally CAN run but if you’re worried about your experience...never fear! If you are a total beginner, you’ll be guided you through to running in a way that feels good and safe. We start with small goals and build up slowly!

Our training sessions will have options for all levels and you’ll never, ever feel left behind or bored (that’s my number one promise!) 

When and Where are the weekly training sessions? 

You’ll receive all the info and plans for the weekly session via email, but if you would like to come and train it with the team, we meet on Monday evenings and alternate between locations on the Central Coast.

Depending on the type of session, our location may change from time to time but you’ll always be given plenty of notice if that’s the case. 

One Sunday a month, there will also be the option to meet up for a social run! Here, we’ll get together and enjoy a casual run together, no specific training or anything - just the girls getting together for a run and a coffee! This is where you’ll be able to meet members that might become future running buddies and just good friends in general. The best part is, you can always bring another friend and introduce her too!

How can I keep in touch between sessions?

You’ll be invited to join our (members only) Sole Sisters Facebook group, where you can connect with the other women in the team (and maybe even find ladies in your area and meet up to train together!) . 

I’ll be easily available in the facebook group (and via email) to help you look at ALL THE PIECES of the puzzle and put them together to make you feel fantastic when you're out there, in training and on any event day! I'll be available to answer any questions, help you stay motivated and offer advice! 

Can I get one on one help, too?

Ab-so-lutely! Training sessions will allow time for everyone to get personal help! But If you have a individual goal in mind and would like to discuss some personal training, I can work with you exclusivley to gear your running in that direction! Spaces are limited for private sessions and they will occur an additional fee, but they are available and often worth it - feel free to ask!

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Are face to face sessions compulsory? 

No, not at all! Training face to face is ideal but not always possible! If you can’t make the weekly sessions in person, that is fine! You’ll receive the information and plan for the week via email so you can complete it from wherever you are, on whatever day of the week works best for you! 

Do I have to enter events? 

Not if you don’t want to! Running events can be an absolute blast but you can still be a part of the team if you don’t want to run in them! We will be aiming to run in a few events during the year, so you can enter as many or as little as you like! You’re always more than welcome to come along and be in the cheersquad, too!  


What's the investment?

$297 and this can be paid in monthly installments if you need!   

Included in your program is:

  • Yearly membership in the Sole Sisters Running Club (and your team shirt or hat!)

  • Detailed weekly training sessions, emailed directly to you - for the whole year!

  • Weekly face to face training sessions with the group - for the whole year!

  • Access to fully written training plans to help you reach 5, 10 & 12km milestones

  • Advice and guidance to help anyone wanting to reach half marathon distance, or above. (Personalised training plans can be written for you to get you there, too!)

  • A lot of helpful training material that will also include advice on nutrition, insider tips and strengthening and stretching work for safe, injury free running

  • Support at our listed running events during the year. That means a coach and a team to warm up and cool down with, someone to help with your gear and people to cheer you on

  • Bring a friend for free to any of our monthy social runs.

    (plus, when a Sole Sister achieves the goal of her longest ever distance, no matter if it’s 1km or 20km - it’s my shout for coffee!)

  • Acesses to the Sole Sisters private Facebook group and a team of like minded, supportive and friendly women, just like you, to run with at training and on race days! We will cheer and clap as every one of us comes over the finish line, regardless of time! NO SOLE SISTER GETS LEFT BEHIND!! 

  • A coach (that’s me!) to help you every step of the way during training and be there on race days to calm your nerves, gee you up, wait for you in the toilet line and cheer you home! 

I know it's a big call to make but in a short number of weeks you could be running 5 or 10 kilometres (or more!) without stopping or it feeling like torture! You'll at least be headed in that direction! 



Drop me a message and I’ll contact you to introduce myself and answer your queries!

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Please note: You should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any training program.As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I am qualified and able to observe and assess postural and bio-dynamic concerns, but these should be treated by the appropriate practitioner, if necessary. The coaching, exercises and advice delivered in this program are based on both professional fitness training and comprehensive running experience. Much of the training will be adapted to suit individuals but you should always take your own body, capabilities and current level into consideration, especially when running. Learn from the teacher, but listen to yourself!

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The Society is not your average women's group workout! I have created The Society for ladies like you, who deserve to always feel alive, energetic and in love with their body! 

Classes with The Society vary in styles. We start with around half an hour of circuit training, cardio fitness or strength work, followed by gentle conditioning for the core and pelvic floor muscles before ending with some beautiful stretches and relaxation exercises designed to create a positive relationship with your (already amazing) body! 

Friendship and Support is just as important as working out is. So, when The Society meets on weekends, we end the session with brunch or coffee for anyone who would like to join us! It's a beautiful way to connect, catch up and keep up to date with your community of Society Sisters! (oh, and refuel after the workout!) 

Classes are $10, payable on the day, and will work best if you RSVP via Facebook or text so I can design the best class possible, based on numbers! It'll will also help when booking our table for coffee afterwards (which is perhaps the most important part!) Of course, if you think of any other ladies you would like to invite, it goes without saying that they are more than welcome!

Jump over to Facebook to check out the details and keep up to date with The Society and join the group of women taking their health back into their own hands.