Group Fitness and Personal Training

LOCAL to the newcastle or Central Coast Area?

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The Society is not your average women's group workout! I have created The Society for ladies like you, who deserve to always feel alive, energetic and in love with their body! 

Classes with The Society vary in styles. We start with around half an hour of circuit training, cardio fitness or strength work, followed by gentle conditioning for the core and pelvic floor muscles before ending with some beautiful stretches and relaxation exercises designed to create a positive relationship with your (already amazing) body! 

Friendship and Support is just as important as working out is. So, when The Society meets on weekends, we end the session with brunch or coffee for anyone who would like to join us! It's a beautiful way to connect, catch up and keep up to date with your community of Society Sisters! (oh, and refuel after the workout!) 

Classes are $10, payable on the day, and will work best if you RSVP via Facebook or text so I can design the best class possible, based on numbers! It'll will also help when booking our table for coffee afterwards (which is perhaps the most important part!) Of course, if you think of any other ladies you would like to invite, it goes without saying that they are more than welcome!

Jump over to Facebook to check out the details and keep up to date with The Society and join the group of women taking their health back into their own hands. 

safe, steady and - yes - enjoyable running?!


Have you wanted to give running a go, but been held back by it just not "feeling right?"

Want to learn to run in a no pressure environment with women just like you? 

This 6 week program is designed to help you fall in love with getting up on your feet, and guide you toward consistent, steady running (ie: running for a certain distance without stopping or walking...or feeling like you're going to pass out!) 

Don't worry if you are a total beginner, or have only ever contemplated running before! I'm here to show you that it can be enjoyable and achievable for everybody, regardless of experience, age, size, shape or ability. 

In the course we'll explore:

  • why run in the first place?! 
  • running basics (techniques for effective posture, breathing and style)
  • how to strengthen your body for easy, feel-good running (from knees, to ankles, to chest and pelvic floor, we've got it covered!) 
  • how to build distance (learning to run for longer) 
  • the mindset of running (how to conquer the voice that says "I can't")
  • how to customise and write a running plan that works for your level and lifestyle
  • running hacks (insider tips to make every run easier!) 
  • nutrition for running

this program is perfect for anyone who:

would like to start and build up to running in a way that feels comfortable and minimises the occurrence of injury. 

would like to learn ways to make your running easier on your body and more enjoyable for yourself!

wants to work toward a particular goal (like increasing distance or entering a future event) or wants to set a new goal! 

The program might not suit those who:

want to dramatically increase speed or run for a competitive edge (competitions can be great - we're just going to be focusing on recreational running for a while!)

already have experience in long distance running (we'll likely be starting with shorter courses and 101 style advice to breed more future runners!)  

Over the 6 weeks, we'll look at ALL THE PIECES of the puzzle and put them together to make you feel fantastic when you're out there. We'll start with pace, posture, footwork and breathing before also breaking down the mindset of running and how to get past the voice that says "it's too hard!" We'll explore how to use food to fuel and recover and, really importantly, set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed and get straight into your joggers! 

Included in your program is 

  • An initial posture, footwork and running style assessment (this will form the foundation of your running training and could be the key to having everything fall into place for your body) 
  • 6 group running sessions 
  • A personalised running plan (we write this together so it is completely designed for you and you alone!) 
  • helpful training material that will also include advice on nutrition, insider tips and strengthening and stretching work for safe, injury free running. 

I know it's a big call to make but in six weeks you could be running 5 kilometres without stopping or it feeling like torture! You'll at least be headed in that direction! 

Keep your pretty eyes peeled, running groups will start again in 2018! 

Please note: You should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any training program.As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I am qualified and able to observe and assess postural and bio-dynamic concerns, but these should be treated by the appropriate practitioner, if necessary. The coaching, exercises and advice delivered in this program are based on both professional fitness training and comprehensive running experience. Much of the training will be adapted to suit individuals but you should always take your own body, capabilities and current level into consideration, especially when running. Learn from the teacher, but listen to yourself!